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A simple process to get the right flowers for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell direct?

Yes, we do. As well as our shop in Launceston and deliveries to businesses and organisations, we also sell direct to people who visit our warehouse.

How do you cost your flowers or bouquets?

We have two ways of costing our flowers – either wrapped (this is a trade term for a bunch) or by the stem. We are able to meet all budgetary requirements, so you know you can get flowers to make your day.

How do you store your flowers?

All flowers are stored in water in our state of climatic control warehouse, which is open to the public. We believe it is the only system of its kind in the UK and ensures that we have the best flowers all the time.

Where do the flowers come from?

Wherever possible, we source the best flowers from growers in Cornwall and Devon. We also use the best growers worldwide, which means you get the best flowers all year round.

How do I store the flowers once I have them?

The first thing to do is to cut the bottom off the stems and place the flowers in fresh, cold water. It’s important the flowers are not stored in direct sunlight or darkness. To help them last longer it’s a good idea to take off any dead leaves.

How do you deal with seasonal availability?

As we use the best flower growers, it is possible to get most flowers all year round. However, it’s always best to give one of our friendly team a call on 01752 845 545

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